Where we came from.

Peter Taft Hutchins founded this family owned business in 1962, initially servicing the paper industry. Over the years he expanded the business largely into the CASE, construction, and plastics industries, and passed ownership in the late 1990’s over to his two sons, Ward and Wade, and Hassan Zaidi. In the early 2000’s, P.T. Hutchins pioneered the concept of laboratories for chemical distributors, a model which would prove to differentiate our capabilities significantly in later years. The company also began efforts to expand across the United States with significant success.

Where we are today – and where we’re going.

In 2011, P.T. Hutchins was acquired by KODA Distribution Group, which warranted the refocusing of our efforts back to the West Coast for the CASE and plastics industries, while our construction business remained nationally entrenched. In 2015 Azelis Americas merged with KDG reinforcing our leadership as the #1 specialty chemical distributor in the USA. Along with P.T. Hutchins, Azelis Americas is comprised of numerous other regional distribution companies including (Ribelin Sales, GMZ, E.W. Kaufmann, and Monson) each of whom service a different part of the United States, allowing Azelis Americas to have a national footprint for the CASE, plastics, and construction industries, but with independent specialty regional distributors.

P.T. Hutchins, as part of Azelis Americas represents a full portfolio of world class principals of products for the CASE, construction, and plastics industries, and we provide best-in-class service and value to our customers and principals with our laboratory enhanced business model.

Our two state-of-the-art construction laboratories across the U.S., along with our highly experienced sales force, allow us a one of a kind offering to the cementitious construction industry across the U.S. and Canada.

There’s much more to come from P.T. Hutchins and Azelis Americas, so stay tuned!

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