At P.T. Hutchins, we work hard to ensure that our customers and suppliers get exactly what they need.

We have – and will continue to have – a regional presence and deep commitment to customer service.

Our commitment to stay close to our customers and their needs is paramount.  Additionally, we are continually attending product and market training sessions to make sure we are always up to date on the latest technologies and industry trends, and to further our ability to help our customers move their business forward.

Our lab structure and facilities are second to none.

Through Azelis Americas, we have access to coatings, ink, and plastics laboratories. Each lab employs highly qualified technical experts for each specialty and allows us to offer the following value-added services at no additional cost:

  • Customer support for technical questions
  • New product developments as well as product improvements
  • Specialty formulations for local climates and industry-specific standards
  • Market-specific and customer-specific solutions
  • Process optimization

With our commercial and technical experts working together, we can come up with a highly specialized solution to fit your individual needs. And since P.T. Hutchins has access to an enormous number of chemical products, there’s no doubt that we’ll deliver a perfect solution – every time.